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Like the Hidden Power "checkers" in-game that can tell what elemental type a Pokemon's Hidden Power attack would be (or, like a Pokedex), Blue can perceive, upon meeting someone in-person, a "typing" for that person based on the 18 known Pokemon types.

For easier reference, the 18 types are:

Normal Fire
Water Grass
Electric Ice
Fighting Psychic
Poison Ghost
Ground Rock
Flying Bug
Dragon Dark
Steel Fairy

While their type may serve to give Blue a hint about something related to your characters' powers if you choose, it doesn't have to relate to that- it could be something related to their personality, their history, or in fact nothing in particular!

If you plan for Blue to meet your character face to face, please let me know below what "type" he would see your character as! You can choose up to two types.

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Pidgeot ♂
nature. Strongly defiant.
Met in Kanto Route 1 at Lv. 3
Ability: Tangled Feet
•Flynium Z
-Aerial Ace
-Steel Wing

Blue's oldest Pokémon, other than his starter Eevee (who is back home at Professor Oak's lab). Pidgeot has an impatient personality and will sometimes act on its own outside of battles, but within battle he's totally attentive and Blue's most trusted partner. Blue uses Pidgeot for Flying.

Arcanine ♂
nature. Quick tempered.
Met in Kanto Route 8 at Lv. 16
Ability: Intimidate
•Firium Z
-Extreme Speed
-Flare Blitz
-Thunder Fang
-Sunny Day

Arcanine, fitting his species' temperament, is extremely loyal to Blue and is the quickest to defend him from any potential danger or sleight. He loves to be praised when he does well in battle and has a tendency to show off. Blue sometimes rides on Arcanine for land travel.

Gyarados ♂
nature. Likes to thrash about.
Met in Vermillion City at Lv. 5
Ability: Intimidate
•Waterium Z
-Aqua Tail
-Ice Fang
-Dragon Dance

Gyarados, despite his species being known as the 'Atrocious' Pokémon for their renowned tempers, is actually quite cheerful and friendly. He likes people and likes getting attention from them. Despite this, he can get a little overenthusiastic and knock down some buildings if he isn't careful. Blue uses Gyarados for Surfing.

Exeggutor ♂
nature. Highly curious.
Met in Kanto Safari Zone at Lv. 22
Ability: Chlorophyll
•Grassium Z
-Leaf Storm
-Sludge Bomb

Exeggutor sometimes wanders off if something catches his interest, which can be something of a pain if Blue loses track of him amongst the palm trees in Alola/Heropa. He isn't a flashy battler like others on Blue's team, but his goofy appearance belies the strength of his special attacks. He can be useful for getting around obstacles and camping out while traveling, thanks to his Psychic powers. He also likes to help grow berries.
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CHARACTER AGE: early 20’s

SERIES: Pokemon (games)

CHRONOLOGY: SunMoon post-game

CLASS: Neutral (with a Heroic lean)

HOUSING: De Chima 007

Thank god for giant fandoms and wikis

Aaand the tl;dr parts )


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